Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collected some of the most common questions about Maelstrom below:

What is Maelstrom?
Maelstrom is a third-person action strategy game with fast-paced, tactical, ship-vs-ship combat, customization, progression and a focus on multiplayer. You captain an Orc, Dwarf or Human warship and sail the turbulent Abyssal Ocean to take part in free for all battles in multiplayer or solo. Gather loot from sunken enemies, collect new equipment & crew to become even more powerful!

What is the roadmap for the game?
You can view our roadmap here
Note that nothing there is set in stone! Things can change in the process of developing a game, so the roadmap may change as well.

What systems will Maelstrom be available for?
Maelstrom will be available for Windows at first, and in future Mac / Steam OS and Linux.

Is there a single player campaign?
As you can see in our roadmap, we are planning to add solo challenges to Maelstrom as part of the full release update. Until then, it will still be possible to play the battle mode with AI bots.

A full single player campaign was one of our Kickstarter stretch goals. Since entering Early Access, these stretch goals are now linked to player numbers – once there are 125,000 players, the single player campaign will be unlocked!

How do the stretch goals work?
Every month we will review our player counts to see how close we are to our stretch goals – we keep track of our progress in this post on our hub! Once we pass each player threshold we’ll make an announcement and the new stretch goal will become part of the roadmap.

Will the price stay the same during Early Access and when Maelstrom is released?
The Early Access price may increase as we complete milestones on our roadmap. Since the release will be a milestone it is likely that the price will increase at launch.

Will there be a server or stats reset when Maelstrom leaves Early Access?
No, there will not be any kind of progression reset.

Can I make videos of Maelstrom and monetize them on YouTube?
Yes, you are welcome to make, publish and monetize videos from Maelstrom! It would be great if you could link to our Steam store page.

Which games inspired the developers while making Maelstrom?
Sid Meier’s Pirates!, Dreadfleet (tabletop), and Man O’ War (tabletop)

Who are the developers behind Maelstrom?
Gunpowder Games is a team of industry veterans who have worked on games including Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, Overwatch, League of Legends, Destiny, Metal Gear Solid V and Deadpool.

Will Maelstrom be released on console?
We are looking into this.